I have chosen three pieces of music that represent my musical interests to some extent. Sadly, none of the three exponents are with us any longer. It turns out that Lord Kitchener (not to be confused with lord Kitchener of Khartoum!!!) died on Valentine's Day 2000 at the grand old age of 78. 'Dr Kitch' is a wonderful bawdy Calypso song. The legendary Moondog (real name Louis Thomas Hardin) didn't quite make it to 2000 but died on September 8th 1999 at an equally fine old age of 83. Although he spent his latter years in Europe, he lived on the streets of New York for 20 years. Most of his pieces, often played on his own home-made instruments are quite repetitive but this one, dedicated to Charlie 'Bird' Parker is my favourite. Oh, and by the way, he was blind! My third choice is the flautist Harold McNair, who died in 1971 at the relatively young age of 39. I bought his album 'The Fence' (in the days when we still had albums) in 1970. It featured a lot of great names such as Stevie Winwood, Keith Tippett, Danny Thompson et al). This piece is his best known (although not on the album).

  Youtube clip of 'Dr Kitch' -Lord Kitchener

Youtube clip of 'Birds' Lament' - Moondog (speeded up version of the original)

Youtube clip of 'Bird's Lament' - Remix of Moondog's original by Mr Scruff

Youtube clip of 'Bird's Lament' - Another remix of Moondog's original by Mr Scruff

Youtube clip of 'The Hipster' - Harold McNair

Youtube clip of 'Going to a go-go' - The Miracles

Youtube clip of 'Going to a go-go' - Rolling Stones (cover version)